A320 SGP – Aircraft Engineer Integration Professional


This is a PROFESSIONAL LICENSE, allowed to be used for commercial operation (ATOs, MROs, airlines, etc.).

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The A320 Study Guide Pro (SGP) is a reference guide for any professional who operates or is about to start operating the A320 family looking to familiarize with the locations and functionalities of all the A320 exterior and cockpit controls and indicators. The SGP is the best complement of Airbus LMS software.

The SGP is the first software that englobes the cockpit and aircraft’s exterior locations and functionalities in the same software! The SGP includes a simulator, recreating the Airbus A320 exterior preflight walk-around inspection on your computer. The interactive 3D real time environment will realistically improve the training by turning pilots and aircraft engineers from passive into active observers. This software – with the aircraft and cockpit CBT modes – provides excellent supplemental reference during ground school training. Pafaero´s SGPs is used by several airlines and flight/ground schools (ATO) worldwide, this is a popular and effective pilot training aid.

In this simulator you can freely interact with a super realistic aircraft in a 3D environment and perform the walk-around in an easy and efficient way, showing all the stations of the official path with all the items to check.

With over 600 CBT (Computer Based Training) pages, the A320 SGP englobes the Airbus A320 CBT approaching all the major aircraft systems, including all the exterior and cockpit locations, components, operations, controls, and indications involved with each system.

The A320 SGP realistically simulates an A320 aircraft with four engine types:

  • A320 CEO:
    -IAE V2500.
  • A320 NEO:

The A320 SGP has three main modes:

  • Walk Around Simulator:
  • Aircraft Guide
  • Cockpit Guide.

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