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Pafaero is offering the CFM56 Family SGP to all users that acquire the A320 SGP business license! For more info, contact our support team. 



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TOur products are designed for airlines, ATOs, MROs and self-learning pilots and aircraft engineers that operate or are about to start operating the A320 family.

 Our software can be used: 

Classroom Support

How difficult is it to have a real A320 or a CFM56 disassembled in modules at the classroom? The Pafaero´s products avoid unnecessary immobilization of an actual aircraft or jet engine. 
Forget the traditional teaching methods and the google search about a specific aircraft or jet engine’s spot in the middle of the class. 

Teaching and studying an aircraft and jet engine has never been so easy and entertaining as before!                   

Traditional teaching methods 

The Pafaeros’s products are perfect to be used as a complement support in the classroom. 

The teacher can show the A320 exterior and cockpit, as well as the CFM56 modules in a high detail to their students in a tridimensional real-time environment in the classroom, as well as its explanation (CBT), engaging the students in a way that no video or PDF can. 

The ideal teaching method using the A320 SGP and CFM56 Family SGP is in a classroom where all students can have their own computer with our software installed, as they all can follow the teacher’s rhythm, hence being involved in the best possible way. 

Improved teaching methods

Type-rating complementary

The A320 Study Guide Pro, gives the perfect complement for pilots and aircraft engineers type rating training. 

The Cockpit Guide gives the perfect training aid for pilots and aircraft engineers throughout the type rating. Students can study the cockpit in a tridimensional way, self-paced at home or at the ATO or MRO, to prepare for a simulator session or the final exam. 

The Cockpit Guide will give the perfect initial familiarization with the cockpit, connecting each cockpit button and panel to the corresponding aircraft system.

On most type-ratings, the majority of studies are focused on the cockpit and procedures, and there is little focus training on the external aircraft and how to perform the walk around. With the Walk Around Simulator and Aircraft’s Exterior Guide, it is possible to have a perfect harmony between the cockpit and the outside of the aircraft.

The SGP is the best complement of Airbus LMS software. At the end of the type-rating, students will have an excellent overall knowledge of the A320.  

Line-training complementary

The Walk Around Simulator and the Aircraft’s Exterior Guide are the best complement for line-training: if the student already have a good technical knowledge about the aircraft’s exterior, the student will be always one step ahead compared with other students.

Due to the prior training with the A320 SGP, the student will feel very comfortable at the first time outside of the aircraft. 

This software is suitable for people with little to no experience, allowing an easy and objective familiarization with the exterior of the aircraft improving the student’s education quality and qualifications by having a better knowledge of the aircraft’s exterior, as well as the walk around procedure. The key is preparation, all the time.  

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