CFM56 Family Study Guide Pro 

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The A320 SGP is designed for airlines, ATOs, MROs and self-learning pilots and aircraft engineers that operate or are about to start operating the A320 family.

 This software can be used: 

Classroom Support

How difficult is it to have a real CFM56 disassembled in modules at the classroom? The CFM56 Family SGP avoids unnecessary immobilization of an actual engine.

Forget the traditional teaching methods and the google search about a specific jet engine’s spot in the middle of the class. 

Teaching and studying a jet engine has never been so easy and entertaining as before!     

Traditional teaching methods 

The CFM56 Family SGP is perfect to be used as a complement support in the classroom. The teacher can show the CFM56 modules in a high detail to their students in a tridimensional real-time environment in the classroom, as well as its explanation (CBT), engaging the students in a way that no video or PDF can. 

The ideal teaching method using the CFM56 Family SGP is in a classroom where all students can have their own computer with our software installed, as they all can follow the teacher’s rhythm, hence being involved in the best possible way. 

Improved teaching methods

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Contains a CBT of the CFM56 jet engine, with detailed information of all engine's parts. There are “curiosity buttons” distributed around the engine next to the parts.

By clicking on them, a page will open with the explanation of the function of that specific part.  

With over 140 CBT pages, the CFM56 Family SGP has two types of intractable buttons:  

For initial users of to teach at classroom, there is a course guideline. 

To access it, press the “modular design” button, on the upper black bar and just follow the guideline. 

It starts with an introduction to jet engines and why was the CFM56 built. Then, starts with the CFM56 modules where each module is divided in minimodules. 

“Modular design” button

The 3D engine’s modules are colored with different colors. The “change view” button on the upper bar, is colored with the same colors as the corresponding 3D engine’s modules.  

“Change view” button 

 Engine’s part CBT page example 

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